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In this city full of insanity and rebels who want to escape from any conventional behavior, chaos can be the reason for destruction, but also for hope.

It is here, in the middle of this tornado of deliriums and ideas, where a Spanish female artist, born in Madrid, understands the need of creating catharsis as a way of saving the individual.

The multidisciplinary artist AzidKandy (Sania Saleh, 1997) is presenting this process of purifying the soul through symbolism and onirism in the exhibition called Perception, Conexion and Catharsis that will take place from the 14th to the 16th of January in Urbanstr 172 (Berlin).

The exhibition, composed of 8 Pieces will dig through the different ways of achieving this transformation, talking of freedom, seeding curiosity and provoking unfamiliar emotions among the spectators.

“An abstract visual map of my brain which throws hints, and ideas of who I am and how I feel. Subtle and never explicit,” describes the artist her own art.

“If you ask me who I am… I must admit I don’t know yet. I have many guesses of who I think I am, but nothing is certain yet. However, that’s not a problem for me, the only thing that is certain is that I am and I will always be in a constant process of change. I live in evolution, a never-ending learning process about me, myself, my surroundings, feelings and mixing all the disciplines that catch my attention”

She has no favorite technique, but in her artwork, the influence of surrealism, onirism and subtle symbolism can be appreciated. Meditation and poetry composed by acrylics and any other objects that come close to her sight.

Inspired by the night, the rythm and the sunsets, and focused on the development of this artistic alter-ego more than 5 years ago, this will be her first time exhibiting her art. A special celebration in these dystopian times will take place in Kreuzberg, where she promises to pull on the strings of all the cursed minds of Berlin.

< Bruno Medici.

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