AzidKandy... yes, like Acid and Candy but all together and wrongly spelled, or maybe perfectly spelled? Don't know, don't care. I'm not certain about anything in this reality but my art, not certain about anything but the beauty in contrasts, but the beauty in the dark, the beauty in the rare and the beauty in the chaos. Not being certain about anything is what inspires me, and also what brought me here. This eternal questioning, is this good or bad? Does good and bad even exist? does this go up or down? Like those famous Escher drawings... those stairs, do they go up or down? Are those fish or ducks? I find reality is like those drawings. Everything is there, chaos, maths, souls, art, colors, music, sound… waves... but the more you stare at them, the more confusing they get, and limits eventually blurry, everything can be anything, and I am in love with this idea. Yes, this is what it is all about. My art is about conexions, dimensions, questions and answers. 


Sania a.k.a AzidKandy is a Berlin based artist and graphic designer, born in Madrid in 1997 devoted to almost every kind of artistic or creative discipline, specially drawing, painting, muralism, graffiti, tattoo and music.


  • In 2018 she starts Fine Arts and Graphic Design at TAI arts Institute in Madrid, while she was also studying a specialized course in multimedia graphic design approved by Deusto University.


  • In 2020 she moves to Berlin attracted by the strong artistic scene and the sounds of Techno. City of Berlin offered her the opportunities she needed to develop in Art and in life.

  • In August 2021, she starts a 9 - month Residence at the Berlin Art Institute.

  • In February 2022, takes place her first independent exhibition  "Perception, Conexion, Catharsis"  curated by herself in a small free room in a flat in Kreuzberg where she was living at the time.

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